XWiki vs Jive

XWiki is the next generation wiki solution for information management and collaboration. It is an extensible platform that allows you to create online collaborative tools while also answering specific knowledge management needs such as intranet/extranet, digital workplace, procedures management, websites and more.
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An extensive pricing plan

XWiki's pricing is based on the number of users, with four plans available, catered to fit any business' requirements. It starts as low as 1 EUR/month/user for the Standard Bronze package and from the Silver one upwards (3 EUR/month/user), all extensions and additional apps are included, for no extra cost. Payment can be done monthly, annually or quote-based. Jive’s approach to pricing is slightly different as it provides no preset packages but offers all platform features and services for a quote-based price.

While demo scheduling is available, Jive does not offer a free version of the product. With XWiki, you are not only offered a free trial but the software is Open Source, therefore entirely accessible to anyone to use. We are strong believers of the Open Source core and letting you make your own choices, making it the safest option from an investment point of view.

Comparison between XWiki and Jive

In terms of technology and features

Open SourceYesNo
DeploymentOn-Premise | CloudOn-Premise | Cloud
OSAny platform supporting JDK 1.8 or higher
Any platform supporting JDK 1.5 or higher
Costs schemeFree | Monthly payment | Annual Subscription | Quote-basedQuote-based

  • Wikis
  • Knowledge base
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Procedures
  • Digital Workplace
  • Discussion boards

  • Documents
  • Intranet

  • Import (Confluence, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, MediaWiki, DocuWiki and others upon request)
  • PDF Export
  • Comments and Annotations
  • Access Rights Management
  • Publication workflow Application
  • Versioning and version history
  • Security features

  • Comments
  • People Directory
  • User sync

  • Customizable navigation
  • Advanced search engine
  • Real-time editing
  • Notifications
  • Flash Messages
  • Tag Cloud
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Notes
  • File Manager
  • Calendar
  • Forum
  • Polls
  • Dynamic Livetable
  • App Within Minutes
  • Ideas Application
  • Meeting Application
  • Diagram Application

  • Search
  • Notifications
  • File sharing
  • Discussions
  • Polls
  • Ideation
  • Events
  • News
  • Groups
  • Task Management
  • Social Networkng
  • Analytics and Metrics
  • eDiscovery
Supported Integrations
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Google Apps
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Office
  • Piwik
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • Elastic Search
  • Kibana
  • 411 Labs InSite
  • Box (external storage)
  • Skyhigh (data loss prevention)
  • Egnyte
  • Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Drive)
  • Microsoft (Outlook, Office 365)
  • Sharepoint
  • SalesForce
  • SmarterPath
  • Lucidchart
  • Skype
  • TemboSocial
Customer SupportPhone | Ticket | TrainingEmail | Phone | Ticket | Training
Translationsin over 40 languages in 5 languages

In terms of usage: Collaboration focused software

Jive is a collaboration tool offering features to facilitate various business processes such as Communication, Collaboration, Connection and more. It focuses on linking team members, upper management personnel and relevant parties in the corporate environment to ensure clear-cut communication. By contrast, XWiki is the next generation wiki solution for information management and collaboration. It is an extensible platform that allows you to create online collaborative tools while also answering specific knowledge management needs such as intranet/extranet, digital workplace, procedures management, websites and more.

Jive presents a social system that allows you to enhance teamwork internally and boost customer communication via external social networks. It offers insights into business plans and processes, so you can use it to enforce business strategies or monitor on-going processes. Meanwhile, XWiki enables you to organize and share information in a structured manner. You can easily comb through information with the help of livetables, use filters or search by tags. Features such as rights management, file attachments and PDF export can ease your experience with the tool. XWiki also provides its data model to help you connect everything and create a collaborative workspace that lets you access information whenever and wherever you need it. Our clients are living proof that XWiki is capable of adapting and becoming a real collaborative solution: "The XWiki platform has brought our company "Energisa" the union of several units throughout the country and generated synergy between them. The simplicity and ease of access, integrated areas and processes helped us improve our knowledge management. Today, we have Wiki Energisa published in the world, providing external access to collaborators."

In terms of flexibility and extensibility: A Proprietary vs Open Source perspective

The main discrepancy between XWiki and Jive lies in the potential development on top of the standard platform. Jive’s flexibility comes from its ability to seamlessly integrate with corporate systems and apps which drive forward collaboration within working environments. At the same time, Jive benefits from full mobile optimization, simplifying interaction and information sharing between employees even when working remotely. It tracks activities in real-time, providing companies with detailed insight into business processes. XWiki's accessibility, however, relies on its Open Source core. You are free to tweak the source code as you see fit in order to achieve your collaboration goals with the software.

Jive’s integrations are focused on the engagement side, such as Profile badges or Quests and Rewards systems. These are incentives for employees to collaborate and become involved while allowing co-workers to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments. XWiki also integrates with many third-party solutions that boost and ease collaboration. Additionally, it offers over 750 apps and extensions for you to mix and match in order to adapt it to your needs. This is taken a step further by introducing App Within Minutes, a tool that allows non-technical users to create collaborative applications. Adding a personalized structure to wiki pages allows you to tailor your solutions and mold them to your needs. Because the usage is intuitive and straightforward, you don't have to be an experienced user to leverage XWiki's features and capabilities. You are free to use it right off the bat, start with a simple knowledge base then upgrade it to undertake more complex projects.

Why XWiki might be the right solution for you

The edge of Open Source

  • No vendor lock-in. Choosing where to deploy, what services to use and what features do the job is up to you. You don't have to deal with license fees, a lack of portability or the inability to customize the software as you wish. XWiki can effectively address all these needs. We know every business is unique, which is why XWiki can be deployed both on Cloud or on-premise and is made to adapt to your needs. However, there is no vendor lock-in, meaning that you can also move your hosting or your support to another provider. You are free to change your mind at any time.

  • Better access to innovation. Open Source is becoming an enabler for innovation through the transparency and freedom it offers for development. Since it relies on the concept of community, contributors are freely and willingly working to improve the product. At XWiki SAS, we, too, are strong believers of this. As such, XWiki is a secure investment and has a better ROI as a result of the ongoing updates and improvements developed by the community.

  • Extensive customization. XWiki is developed thinking of extensibility and flexibility. The source code can be tweaked and modified without restrictions, offering you a broader range of possibilities in terms of tailoring solutions, which would be otherwise limited in the case of proprietary software. If projects become complex, XWiki can comply with the requirements and turn into a real, collaborative solution. Because we believe in Open Source values, XWiki is a software made to adapt to its users and not the other way around.

  • The power of the crowd. XWiki benefits from the Open Source values which dictate that the source code will always be available for further improvements. This means the sky is the limit in terms of who can contribute. The community is continuously reviewing code, making improvements and fixing security gaps. The collective power of such a community of talented individuals coming together not only delivers more ideas but quicker development and troubleshooting. As a result, XWiki will always be transparently developed and feasible as contributors report bugs, find fixes or suggest new features.

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