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Getting used to a new technology may take time. We help you speed up the implementation and adoption of your solution to save your time.
XWiki Support Services

Implementing a collaborative approach requires preparation to be able to make the right choices:

  • what functions should be deployed to users?
  • by what content do you start?
  • should you use the software as is or make adaptations?
  • what is the best technical solution suited for your project?
  • how to support the launch of the solution/project?

Once agreed on a plan, it must be accompanied with a project approach. Our experts, all XWiki projects specialists, accompany you from the definition of your collaboration solution to the achievement of a complete project.

Consulting XWiki Services

Consulting packages

These packaged offers allow you to start your collaborative project on the right track.

The XWiki consulting services are available for all XWiki clients. They can be included in the support contracts, or can be bought separately by contacting our team. After paying our team, we invest the money in the development of the XWiki Open Source software, that will serve all future users - including NGOs, devoted researchers or passionate educators.

Upon request we also offer a Proof of Concept service.

PMO Analysis
  • A project manager analyses your needs and proposes you adapted solutions.
  • 3/5 days duration
Dedicated PMO
  • A project manager accompanies you to define your needs and find the adapted solution.
  • 10 days duration
  • A consultant helps you configure your Wiki instance in order to perfectly fit your needs.
  • 3 days duration

Interested in our consulting services?

Send us a request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.