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A team working together to keep projects running smoothly, avoiding mistakes and making better business decisions is the ideal for any company. Having a tool that fosters collaboration and cuts through the silos helps develop such a team.
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Built on top of an information organization platform, your Custom App solution will allow access to critical business information in a fast and efficient way. This works both for your team and your clients, saving time and enhancing satisfaction.

Our solution is customizable enough to answer even the most difficult needs. XWiki helps you increase productivity and reduce operational costs, while regular backups prevent information loss.

Structure your information

Go beyond simple text available in traditional Wikis and add structure and metadata to pages, improving the information editing, presenting and filtering. XWiki structured pages can contain links, be linked from other pages and have a complete history of changes, keeping the benefits of traditional Wikis.

Losing money XWiki

Empower your company collaborative intelligence

Thanks to XWiki's highly collaborative features and bottom-up approach, all your employees are invited to contribute to the company's shared knowledge. They will be able to keep the information up to date with XWiki's numerous advanced features, from a powerful WYSIWYG Editor, comments and annotations to sharing and content organization tools.

Empower your company collaborative intelligence XWiki

Benefit from expert services

With more than 500 projects delivered, our expert project and support teams can take responsibility for an end-to-end solution, helping you fast-track your goal achievement. With a customized solution, we will adapt the XWiki software to your processes and business needs allowing you to reach higher results.

Benefit from expert services XWiki
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The Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HLS) is the largest encyclopedia focused on the history of Switzerland, and it aims to take into account the results of modern historical research in a manner accessible to a broader audience. It is published by a foundation under the patronage of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW/ASSH) and the Swiss Historical Society (SGG-SHH) and is financed by national research grants. Besides a staff of about 35 at the central offices, the contributors include 100 academic advisors, 2500 historians, and 100 translators. The encyclopedia is being edited simultaneously in three national languages of Switzerland: German, French and Italian.

From great power comes custom workflows

Based on the needs identified, we developed 3 different workflows that allow editors to create articles, multimedia elements, translations, references, to review articles, to approve and publish them. To cover all these steps efficiently, Jira was integrated to keep track of the workflow, on top of which XWiki and its macros master the composition of the documents. Moreover, the content of those macros has been enhanced to be editable inline in the WYSIWYG editor, allowing the redactor to edit multiple documents at once, and in the final layout context.

Search for each preference. Results for everyone

Visitors can now search articles based on category (Theme, Places, People and Families), date, location, and lexicography by using the filters or they can directly type inputs in the search bars that will return the most relevant results. Moreover, one can filter using the facets on the right and then search directly in the filtered list. The same type of search functionalities can be used to search multimedia elements, based on type, date, and location. Alphabetical? We covered that as well.

Meta-system for metadata management

To allow the usage of both language-dependent metadata and language-independent metadata in search, we have leveraged the power of our far-famed SOLR search, by implementing a custom indexer. This method has proved to be efficient and a clean way to handle such structured language information. In plain English, this means that no matter how complex the data structure in place, or the number of languages it needs to cover, XWiki has the indexing capabilities.

How does XWiki solve the problem?

Information organizing and collaboration are our DNA, and XWiki grew to become the reference for it in the Open Source world. Our goal was (and still is) to make available to anyone the best solution for information management.

For the last 15 years, our team has worked relentlessly to build innovative features and to help people, and their organizations, have crucial information at only a click away. The same kind of effort will be put into creating your project.

Information XWiki

We believe that by working together we can all achieve more. Whether it's a personal project, a Forbes 500 company' digital workplace or your Procedures Management, we are ready to identify and create the tailored solution needed. With over 15 years of experience and more than 500 international projects delivered, we offer more than services.

Our team has seen similar needs, can advise on ways to enhance efficiency and even eliminate organizational bottlenecks. We have a great platform to develop on, great project managers to ensure timely delivery and a support team dedicated to making sure everything works seamlessly. When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

Team XWiki

When working with us you will get a partner prepared to walk with you from ideation to training and long term support. Our teams deliver so your organization can grow.

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